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This page links to several Tutorials on specific functions of the Spokane Permaculture Website that we hope will help each of our members to participate in growing our body of knowledge together. 

Who said... "Ask not what this website can do for you, but what you can do for this website... and  your community."?

Getting Started

This is a Permaculture Community Website designed for all users to be able to participate in adding new content in the form of Articles, Social Groups, Project Spotlights,  Vendor Resources and Educational Links. You will also be able to rate and comment on existing articles written by your neighbors.  This will help the very best of articles to rise to the attention of others. The one rule we have is to be kind, respectful and supportive to everyone within the community.  If you are not able to do this then your membership will sadly be revoked.

Our intent is not to use this portal as a general Permaculture Education website, though we will have some introductory content and links to other websites.  It is to share information and techniques relating to Spokane.  What tree species do well here?  Give us inspirational information and photos of your Permaculture Project or Garden.  Share with others what vendors have the best trees at the best prices.   Where can you get Cardboard for Sheet Mulch?

Articles and Events

There are two main methods of sharing information.  Articles(and Events) and the Forum.  We will eventually have brief tutorials to describe how you can create articles and participate in the forum.   In general, publishing an article is used to provide specific information that falls into one of the Categories that you can see on the side bar.  When you enter an Article you can easily add pictures from your PC, upload documents to share (Spreadsheet of your Plants) and if you check the Event flag it will be added to the Community Calendar.


Forums on the other hand are for less structured information like questions and threads of communications between people working on the same project.

Much of the time you will just want to monitor the information being provided by other members.  When members add Articles, Events or Forum posts there are multiple ways to get Email Notifications.  There are three automatic notification Community Groups that you can be members of that will control how many email notifications you get from the website.  When you first register you will Automatically be joined to Two.  You can easily "Leave" these groups to reduce your email notifications. 

Automatic Article Notifications

When a new Article is added an email notification will be sent to all members of this group with a link to the Article.

Automatic Event Notifications - When a new Event is added to the Calendar an email notification will be sent to all members of this group with a link to the Article describing the event, time and location.

We decided that getting started most people would like to get these notifications automatically.  If we have so many users adding so much content that you find the notifications obtrusive then you can Leave each of these groups by going to the "Community Groups' tab,  Click on the Title of the Group you want to leave and then click "Leave Group".  You can choose to (re) join this or any other groups just as easily from the Community Groups Page.

Automatic Forum Post Notifications - When there is a new Forum Thread or Reply added to any thread you will receive an email notification with the full content of the Post and a link to the active forum thread so you can reply if you like.  While this is a great feature for those who want to stay on top of all the forum activity in times of peak conversation you could feel that you are getting too many notifications.  Therefore we DO NOT give newly registered users this membership AUTOMATICALLY.  You will have to join this group to get notified of ALL new posts and replies.   However the forum does give you the ability to individually select any individual forum, sub-forum or Individual thread to receive notifications.  (Look in the lower right corner of each forum page for "Email me when this forum has a new thread".

While entering articles and using the forum is fairly straight forward and easy to figure out we will eventually create detailed tutorials to make it easy for people to understand and utilize each feature.

The one tip I will start you off with regarding the Articles is that when you are at the end of entering in all of the Article/Event information you can save the article as a DRAFT or PUBLISH.  When you PUBLISH an article remember that every member in the Automation Article/Event Notification Groups will receive an email Notification.  Therefore save the DRAFT until you are sure it is ready.

To return to your article later just click the "Article Editor" link next to the "Add Article" link at the top of the Article stack.  You will see a list of all of the article you have ever contributed and can easily access the article and any member provided comments.

PCSpokane Google Group

This social networking tool has served the Spokane Permaculture Community for years and this new website is not intended as a replacement or a competitor in any way.  It is just an additional alternative.  We will send out occasional links to new articles and reminders that there are features in that we are sure you will find useful.  


I hope this helps you all get started smoothly. If you have any questions, comments or problems please contact me at

See you on line...

Mike Hagar - Webmaster and General Support Geek :)

If you have any questions, comments or problems please contact us at