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Plant and Tree Profiles

This resource section contain member provided profiles of trees and plants that work well in our area.




Common Camas

Edible native bulb, resembling onion, sweet in flavor. It is obtainable at Plants of the Wild in Tekoa, WA

Author: Annie M
Camas root was used extensively by indigenous tribes as a steady source of starch in their diets. Info found on USDA Plant Database.
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Cooking Greens

Perennial Vegetables

Author: Earthchild
The first perennial food sources in the spring are SHOOTS. [See article of Apr 6th]  The next to emerge are the GREENS.  The earliest COOKIN' GREENS are probably watercress and dandelions, with the next being stinging nettles.  I love wild plants!  If I have missed your favorite cooking green, please leave a comment!
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Edible Shoots

Perennial Vegetables

Author: Earthchild
Food is mostly the same thing, over and over, and you buy it ready to eat, or nearly so.  Very few still raise their own food, and even fewer know that many edible plants are perennial.   I will write on vegetable food plants, hardy in zone 3 or 4, that come up every year or reseed themselves:  Shoots, tubers & bulbs, cooking greens, and salad greens.  [Burpee calls the Spokane area zone 5.]   My sources will include books, magazine articles, and websites.  If you know of other edible perennial plants in each category, please leave a comment!
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