Local Permaculture Consultants (PDC) and Workers

In our area we have quite a few people who have completed the Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) and many practitioners who have experience in permaculture and gardening.  This is a list of those (known) resources who are able to help you design, plan or maintain your own personal urban/suburban sites. 

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Bryan Krueger

Published on Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Bryan Krueger

Permaculture Landscape Consultant and Designer

Bryan is a Permaculture landscape designer with over 10 years experience in Utah, all over Washington state, and even in Nicaragua. Originally from Salt Lake City, his company, Heart of Green Ecological Services, is focused on rehabilitating urban and suburban spaces in Spokane and the Inland Northwest currently, using holistic knowledge of ecology and permaculture-based landscape design to accomplish beautiful and productive natural spaces that require much less labor and resources to maintain than the average "lawnscape". 

He also facilitates workshops on topics like "Permaculture: 101", landscape design, transitions to local lifestyles, and beer-making. Bryan dreams of collaborating on building a community farm somewhere in Washington state, where people of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences can come to learn and practice the tools of a new lifestyle on this lovely, green planet. 

Contact Bryan at BryanL.Krueger@gmail.com or call 360 731 3767. 

See his website at http://sustainablelandscapespokane.com/

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