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Perma Uni-versity Design to Build Course starts August 6

ATTENTION TO ALL PERMACULTURE DESIGNERS who want to sink their teeth into a project that has lasting community benefits: Bring your design skills and become involved with the Perma Uni-versity Design then Build Course starting tomorrow, Sunday August 6. For more information call 509 7141108
Or email

See the full schedule at

Also Pizza Rita has generously donated $200 in “Rita Bucks” to Perma Uni-versity for a fundraising raffle supporting sustainability and permaculture education! Purchase your set of tickets to potentially win one, or more, $40 slice of the $200 pie!!! Who doesn't like free pizza?
$5 will get you 6 tickets for the drawing and $10 will get you 15 tickets!
For details visit the Methods of Support &Schwagg Box Page:

#Pizzarita #permauniversity

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Fall harvest party

Help celebrate the season

I have come under incredible pressure to host a fall harvest festival party for all of the permies and other friends in the area to be held at our farm, Footehills Farm, in Colbert. You can imagine how much it took for me to decide to do this as I tend to be a bit shy and a real homebody. So, let's do it! Potluck, byob, byos(mile), byod(ish). We will provide some meat, beer, wine, music, puns, and chairs. This year there will feature a new picnic table, benches and a firepit. The date is SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11 from, let's say, 2 until whenever. As always we will have room to overnight if needed. Please try to RSVP so we can get at least an idea of how many to expect. Of course, you are welcome to arrive earlier.
BTW, the pigs and chickens are all excited about the idea as is Chena the Wonderdog, head of farm security. She suggested I mention BYOD(dogbisquit). 
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cooperative regional tree and plant order

Inland Northwest Permaculture Guild is providing on-line ordering as a service

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Special Discount Rate for the Tilth 40 Conference

Maurice Robinette: Pacific Northwest Center for Holistic Management

The Pacific Northwest Center for Holistic Management is able to offer an extension of a special discount rate we got for the Tilth 40 Conference. This amounts to a 40% discount on the new state of the art webinars produced by the Savory Institute. Using this information will guarantee your decisions (any) will meet the triple bottom line. Use the code PNCHM T40 for the discount. (Worth over $250) This isn't just about cows! If any of you heard April Thatcher talk about her farm she has used the process to create good consistent profits above her salaries from her ten acre farm near Vancouver.
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2015 Inland Northwest Permaculture Design Course?

A message from Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski seeking advice from permaculture-inclined folks in Spokane County, Stevens County and surrounding counties.

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Update on 2014 Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence Planning

Comments, suggestions and volunteers sought.

Here's an update on where we are planning for the 2014 Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence. Whether we will actually hold this gathering has NOT been finalized.

I posted this update on the INPG Convergence Organizers' Listserve but we haven't heard back from anyone other than a couple of folks who said they'd be interested in attending. So, I'm expanding the outreach seeking comments, suggestions and volunteers from the Spokane Permaculture community.

Thanks to Gabe's hard work, here's what it looks like at this time

Dates: Sept. 11, 12, 13, 14

Location: Heartsong Retreat Center, Tum Tum, WA (Gabe confirmed with them that this venue is available and the folks there would welcome us)

Cost to INPG: A percentage (yet to be determined) of the profits.

Cost to attendees: To be determined. Work trade specifics also.

Event size: Up to 120 people.

We realize there is not much time, basically 2 months, to put together a gathering. Maybe folks feel like that's not enough time, but Gabe and I agreed that if we hear from just one or two people who are willing to really roll up their sleeves and help with the organizing, we'll keep on working to put on this year's gathering at Heartsong.

Read the full article for more details.

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Coeur d'Alene Local Food System Initiative is now the Inland NW Food Network

It's official! The former Coeur d'Alene Local Food System Initiative is now the Inland NW Food Network! The INW Food Network is comprised of individuals, nonprofits and businesses committed to building a resilient local food system in the Inland NW.
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Grape Prunings for Propagation

Sharing the surplus

I will have grape prunings suitable for brown wood propagation available in February. Varieties include Reliance, Himrod, Interlaken, Canadice, and Glenora; these are all seedless table grapes. All are zone 5 except Glenora, which is zone 6. A bundle of ten will be $2.00 and I will be accepting orders through February 21st. 

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Barrels & Bites for Spokane Public Market

Help me build a basket!

The main fundraiser for the Spokane Public Market is coming up and needs auction items. Does anyone want to help me build a Permaculture basket? This is a good way to spread the word and help them raise needed funds.
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