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Pollarding Trees

I've discovered a Facebook Group titled Tree Hay.  There's a good discussion on the Regarians Facebook page re: pollarding trees to feed animals.  Take a look at this YouTube video too.

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Agroforestry Resource: growing trees for fuel, fodder, heat, building materials etc...

Obtaining multiple yields

Here is an excellent resource if you are interested in agroforestry to include in your permaculture food forest.

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Living Fences

See this website for good information about growing a living fence using willows.
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Siberian Pea Shrub

Caragana arborescens

Siberian Pea-shrub is an especially useful plant for permaculture installations.  Because of its nitrogen-fixing capacity, it is valued as a guild plant for fruit trees as it provides longterm nitrogen to those plants in its immediate vacinity.  Additionally, it is rapid growing and reproduces readily.  Visit the links in the expanded article for pictures and lots more information.
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