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Olla Project

Olla Project

... from May Permiculture Meeting at Andrea and Pat's

At last months (May) meeting at Andrea and Pat's we had a great time, good company, helped Pat fence a chicken yard and Andrea provided everyone a hand made and fired Olla.  Because so few people showed up some of us got 2.  Andrea was requesting that people experiment with them as a watering tool for the INW.  We I finally got it into the ground...

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Hagarville Permaculture Food Forest Project

Hagarville Permaculture Food Forest Project

Permaculture Food Forest Project - Year 1

The Hagarville Food Forest Project is being conceptualized and built by Mike and Cara Hagar, who moved onto a 2.4 acre property in Mead in February of 2012.  The property was 1 acre of alfalfa and 1.4 acres of lawn.  It is our intention to augment our food supply as much as we can by using Permaculture Principles.  We are using Landscape Design software to plan and visualize and plan our multi year project.  After 1 year we have made better progress than we thought we would, due to the help of many in our community.
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