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Chestnut Cultivation

Increase nutrition in your food forest using chestnut trees.

Take look at this website for detailed info re: cultivation of chestnut trees.  The article includes site selection, planting instructions for direct seeding or starting seedlings in pots, maintenance of your orchard, deer control strategies, pest and pathogen info, fertilization and watering requirements.  They also list some other websites for further information. 

Here's a You Tube video. It covers food value, timber value, feed value for livestock, medicinal uses.

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April Large Rural Project Meeting

Get together on Sunday 4/26 @ 2pm

At our last meeting we discussed a tour of Greentree Naturals  (the 1st organic farm in the Sandpoint area, I believe) for our April meeting.
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Change in Start Time: We'll Begin at 1:00PM LEARN HOW TO BUTCHER A CHICKEN

Demonstration and Hands On Practice in Butchering a Chicken.

Join us February 22nd (4th Sunday meeting) at 1:00PM for a hands on workshop.  Cara Hagar will demo how to butcher a chicken.  Anyone who wants to (and brings a chicken to butcher) will have a chance for hands on participation. The workshop will be held at the home of Pat and Andrea Johns. If you bring birds to butcher please withhold food for 24 hrs prior to butchering. It's important for the crop to empty prior to butchering. Do not withhold water. 

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New Farmers' Co-Op Kick-Off Dinner

New Farmers' Co-Op Kick-Off Dinner

Free Kick-Off Dinner

Please join us on May 3rd for a catered dinner, as we officially kick-off the newly formed cooperative growers association.   Over the past 6 months a group of local farmers and ranchers have been working together to form a cooperative association supporting local food production and sales.   Small producer?   This is the place for you! 

Please see the attached pdf fliers for additional information and the number to call to RSVP for the dinner (required).  We'd love to see you there.

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Good Neighbor Farms

Good Neighbor Farms

Patrick and Andrea Johns plan for a permaculture life

We live on 1.5 acres in the Spokane Valley.  We have lived here 35 years.  For the most part we have kept the place free of toxic chemicals.  We have three 60 year old apple trees, two 60 year old sweet cherry trees, and a lovely, old plum tree.  The fruit on that tree is like honey, no bitterness under the skin.  There is also a 25 year old Black Walnut that produces a lot of nuts.  We just have to figure out how to liberate the nut meats from the outer hull.  Our rhubarb, raspberries and horseradish are well established.  All the other fruit bearing trees are 10 years old and younger.  

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The Classic Texts Downloadable for your Agriculture Library

Wisdom from agricultural heroes

Per the website owner:

This website provides downloadable e-books about radical agriculture, natural hygiene/nature cure and self-sufficient homestead living. There are secondary collections involving social criticism and transformational psychology.

No payment is required.

The library explores the connection between agricultural methods and the health or illness of animals and humans. A study of these materials reveals how to prevent and heal disease and increase longevity, suggests how to live a more fulfilling life and reveals social forces working against that possibility.


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May Permaculture Meeting

Large acreage study group


The May meeting will be held Sunday the 18th (which is one week earlier than our normally scheduled meeting).  We need some help planting raspberries.  If time and weather permit we'll also be laying black plastic to sterilize some soil.

We'll be passing out some ollas I'm making.  Here's a YouTube link describing the use of ollas as a water saving tool.  The ollas I'm making are made of terra cotta clay and are made on the potter's wheel.  No glue is used. (see you tube link).

Please bring something to share at our monthly potluck.  We'll provide beverages.

Join us May 18th at our home: 12621 E Valleyway, Spokane Valley Wa 99216

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Monthly Permaculture Meeting for May 2014

At the home of Pat and Andrea Johns

The May meeting will be held 5/18 (which is 1 week earlier than the normally scheduled meeting).  We have a couple projects to work on (weather and time permitting).


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Biochar conversations

A free event is happening in Suncrest - a conversation about Biochar! See you there?
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