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Automatic Forum Post Notifications

Automatic Forum Post Notifications

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Annie M created the event April Large Rural Project Meeting

April Large Rural Project Meeting

Unable to schedule with Greentree Naturals

At our last meeting we discussed a tour of Greentree Naturals  (the 1st organic farm in the Sandpoint area, I believe) for our April meeting.


Annie M created the event Change in Start Time: We'll Begin at 1:00PM LEARN HOW TO BUTCHER A CHICKEN

Change in Start Time: We'll Begin at 1:00PM LEARN HOW TO BUTCHER A CHICKEN

Demonstration and Hands On Practice in Humanely Killing, Plucking and Eviscerating Chickens.

Join us February 22nd (4th Sunday meeting) at 1:00PM for a hands on workshop.  Cara Hagar will demo how to butcher a chicken.  Anyone who wants to (and brings a chicken to butcher) will have a chance for hands on participation. The workshop will be held at the home of Pat and Andrea Johns. If you bring birds to butcher please withhold food for 24 hrs prior to butchering. It's important for the crop to empty prior to butchering. Do not withhold water. 


WakanPermaculture is the beginning of the end of worldwide soil and soul degradation. I'm looking forward to riding the wave. So grab your board and lets ride it together!


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