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Update on 2014 Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence Planning

Comments, suggestions and volunteers sought.

Here's an update on where we are planning for the 2014 Inland Northwest Permaculture Convergence. Whether we will actually hold this gathering has NOT been finalized.

I posted this update on the INPG Convergence Organizers' Listserve but we haven't heard back from anyone other than a couple of folks who said they'd be interested in attending. So, I'm expanding the outreach seeking comments, suggestions and volunteers from the Spokane Permaculture community.

Thanks to Gabe's hard work, here's what it looks like at this time

Dates: Sept. 11, 12, 13, 14

Location: Heartsong Retreat Center, Tum Tum, WA (Gabe confirmed with them that this venue is available and the folks there would welcome us)

Cost to INPG: A percentage (yet to be determined) of the profits.

Cost to attendees: To be determined. Work trade specifics also.

Event size: Up to 120 people.

We realize there is not much time, basically 2 months, to put together a gathering. Maybe folks feel like that's not enough time, but Gabe and I agreed that if we hear from just one or two people who are willing to really roll up their sleeves and help with the organizing, we'll keep on working to put on this year's gathering at Heartsong.

Read the full article for more details.

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Two Bees or not two Bees

Neonicotinoid City Ordiance

Author: Torie Foote
Help is needed now! The City of Spokane City Council will be considering a new ordinance that bans the use of Neonicotinoid

within city limits and testimony is needed (and letters and emails!!!). The chemical company is working hard to defeat it.

MONDAY 23 6pm. at City Hall

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June Meeting

Practice Design Principles - Systems & Elements Connections...Brainstorming Session?

We get to host our next group meeting at Siemen Family Farms (aka Mont Lamm Events/Belgians) off 395 just North of Deer Park. We'll be taking a look at practicing design by working with systems and elements.  What does that mean? I have a lot of elements, a few systems, and A LOT of yields to be achieved and I need help thinking about them.  I figure my brain is one element among all of ours and I could really use the fresh eyes on the ground to help me think about the space use and yields for NOW and the FUTURE.
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Work Party at Tolstoy Farm

Saturday, June 14th (all day) and Sunday the 15th (8am 'til 12:30 potluck lunch)

Come out and help restore the creek, check out a beautiful organic farm and intentional community, and get out of the city for the weekend!

Camping is totally an option... There is also plenty of floor in my house to crash on.

In Laura's words:
Bring stuff for a potluck lunch, and bring gloves, loppers, pruning saws. Anyone wanting green willow, dogwood or alder for craft projects or the like, this is a great chance as we have to cut it anyway.There will also be wild rose, mock orange (not true mock orange) and clematis, nettles, comfrey, and other possibly prickly stuff.. so wear protective clothes. Our goal will be to open up the creek channel about 10 feet high and 10 feet wide so that both the water will have a clear channel to flow and carry debris away and so that when the mini excavator comes it can get through without having to rip plants and shrubs out.

We very much appreciate any time and energy you can offer to help out with this.

Please RSVP to 509-725-0317 for info and directions. If a bunch of folks are coming from Spokane, we may try to connect you for carpooling as it's green! and we have limited parking, so we will need spread out the parking in several areas if there's lots of cars.

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Permaculture 101: An Introduction for Beginners

Presented by Permaculturist Gabriel Gaul in Hayden Lake, ID

For more info, call 509-690-1184

or email: butterflyfungipermastead@gmail.com

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If you have any questions, comments or problems please contact us at