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Raise Your Voice for Local Food

Earth Day 2014 is the Official Kick-off of Raise Your Fork Washington! A new organization inviting your involvement

We have an information-rich, interactive website. We’ll be providing educational programs. We’ll be involved in local foods enterprise development and youth entrepreneurship programs, home kitchens and other kitchens to process more WA-grown produce. We’ll be setting up grassroots affiliates in every WA county. We’ll be standing up for your rights to choose the foods you think are best for you. Together, we will help preserve farmland and revitalize local food systems throughout the state. Please explore our website to find out more and JOIN!

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Biochar conversations

Author: Torie Foote
A free event is happening in Suncrest - a conversation about Biochar! See you there?
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Monthly Work & Share Party- March 23rd

Author: Torie Foote

Sunday, March 23rd is our Monthly hands on experience at the Footehill's Farm. We will start somewhere around 2pm. and go to about 6pm.

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February 23rd at 2:00 PM

Author: Annie M

David Liezen, who is extremely knowledgeable about apple varieties from all over the world, is teaching the grafting class.

In addition to the grafting demo, David plans to bring handout materials and share lots of contact information for growers, websites and organizations dedicated to saving heirloom apple varieties from around the world. After the workshop there will be a potluck. Drinks will be provided.

Join us and add a new skill to your permaculture tool bag.

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Organization Voice - Input Needed!

Hello, I am Shannon Siemen helping Phil Small. :-)

Next Study Group Meeting


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3rd generation Iowa Farmer Howard Vlieger talks about GE/GMO crops

Moran County Library, Sat, Sept 7, 6:30-8:30

Hello Business Supporters of I-522,

Howard Vlieger is a 3rd generation farmer in Iowa.  He’s been working on his own farm and with other farmers and scientists on genetically engineered crops for almost 20 years.  He is coming out to Washington to share his experience and talk about what he’s learned regarding the impact of genetically engineered crops on farm operation and livestock.

The information he has will be very relevant to farmers and hobbyist farmers, but it will also be very educational for the general population who wants to learn more about genetically engineered crops.

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Online Farmers Market Coming to Spokane

Please find attached a press release about the expansion of Northwest Farm Fresh (an online farmers market in Stevens County) into the Spokane area September 18th.

Contact: Shelly Stevens ;             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



Shoppers Have Online Access to Locally Produced Food Year Round


Northwest Farm Fresh, an innovative online farmers market that connects local farmers with consumers year round, is adding a new pick-up location to the Spokane area beginning September 18th, 2013. Customers can shop directly from farmers and food producers online and pick up their order at the location of their choice, either in Colville, Chewelah or Spokane.


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KREM2 aired our Event Center/Farm!

If you follow the link there's a brief article and they actually used the word "permaculture". ;-)

KREM2 came out and did an interview on what we were doing with moving our farm and opening Mont Lamm Events - 1.5 hours of interview crammed into 1.5 minutes. It's as good as it gets. ;-)
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The Pine Meadow Farm Center is Closing

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the impending closure of Pine Meadow Farm Center. We will be officially closing our doors on August 31st.
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Permaculture at the City Planning Level

Transforming Urban Environments for a Peak Oil Future - A Vision Plan for the City of San Buenaventura, CA

Wow!  This is the best example of a city wide vision of transforming it's entire city to a more sustainable Post-Peak Oil Future.  The report and appendixes are nearly 300 pages with many pictures and diagrams that show the transformation of a city to a Permamaculture Community.  This not only demonstrates that cities and local governments recognize the problems approaching us but are also putting the effort forward to solve (or mitigate) them.

Inspiring...  I wish it was Spokane...  maybe it will reach the planners in our town...  soon.

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