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One Day Workshop with Michael (Skeeter) Pilarski

Increasing crop diversity & productivity on small farms

Author: Cara

1000 Crops for NW growers.   A one-day workshop by Michael Pilarski

WSU CoOp Extension Office

222 N. Havana St, Rooms ABC

Spokane, WA

Friday, February 20, 2015  9am - 4pm   

Suggested donation $20 - $50.  Bring a brown bag lunch and send an email that you're coming to:

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4th Annual Inland Northwest Small Farms Conference


Author: Cara
The 4th Annual Inland Northwest Small Farms Conference, Farm-a-Palouse-A, on Saturday November 1, 2014 is about food and farming for everyone!  Before you register, view the course schedule ( to get an idea of which classes you'd like to attend.    Click here for more info: 
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A Good Time To Be Had For All!!!

Spokane Food Policy Council Harvest Banquet

Author: Cara

Members of the Spokane Food Policy Council are working hard to ensure there is enough food to feed everyone in our local area.   So, anyone who likes to eat needs to support them!  

Please consider attending their dinner and dance on Thursday, October 16th.   Tickets are only $15 and this includes a farm to table feast by chef Dane Rice, followed by a dessert auction and dancing to Arvid Lundin's Deep Roots Band until 10pm. will let you register your dinner preferences (need to register in advance so they can buy food!) and you can either pay when you register or at the door.   PLEASE COME!   All the cool kids will be there...

Location:  the Salem Lutheran Church at 1428 W. Broadway, Spokane.


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Whitworth University Presents: Dr. Elaine Ingham

Living Soils, the Soil Food Web, and Compost Tea

Author: Cara
Lecture followed by Q&A session

Location: Robinson Teaching Theater, Room 107 in Weyerhaeuser Hall at Whitworth University (see attached pdf file)

Cost: FREE! 

BE SURE to RSVP to to ensure there is adequate seating. 

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August meeting of the Rural Large Property Group

At Mike & Cara's - Please see the full article in the Forum

Author: Cara

Geez, who’s hosting the permaculture meeting for our group this month? What, it’s us? Uh oh!!!

Seriously now, we, the Hagars, are happy to host the meeting this month and we sincerely apologize for the late notice. Hopefully since we regularly meet on the 4th Sunday of the month, you've all just been waiting to see where its happening! In celebration of the growing year winding down, we’d like to start it a wee bit later in the day and make it a dinner barbeque. We’ll supply the burgers and fixings, and you supply a side dish or dessert, and BYOB.

It’s too hot in the afternoon to make you work, so instead we’ve got several topics we’d like to tour at our place before we eat. They include:

◾4 small food forests, in various stages of growth
◾A new water collection system in its initial building phase, with 3 x 865 gallon tanks
◾Lessons learned in the food garden (those damned stink bugs!) 

Click

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New Farmers' Co-Op Kick-Off Dinner

Free Kick-Off Dinner

Author: Cara

Please join us on May 3rd for a catered dinner, as we officially kick-off the newly formed cooperative growers association.   Over the past 6 months a group of local farmers and ranchers have been working together to form a cooperative association supporting local food production and sales.   Small producer?   This is the place for you! 

Please see the attached pdf fliers for additional information and the number to call to RSVP for the dinner (required).  We'd love to see you there.

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Radical Homemaking: What Permaculture Looks Like in Jacona, New Mexico

Permaculture experts and radical homemakers Scott and Arina Pittman live a bounteously full life—on their own terms.

Author: Cara

This is a really great example of living the permaculture lifestyle!

Arina Pittman’s life moves in circles with the grand repeating rhythm of the seasons. From a satellite photo you can actually see the pattern etched lightly on the earth in her round vegetable garden. Inside those nested wheels of time and tilled land, she lives her life.

With her husband, Scott Pittman, and their 5-year-old son, Sasha, close at hand, Arina intensively gardens an acre or so in the high desert community of Jacona, New Mexico, near Santa Fe. She and Scott produce much of what they eat while maintaining—even improving—the ecological balance of the land.

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GMO labeling of food

I-522 - Protect Your Right To Know (what's in your food)!

Author: Cara

Yes on 522

Click "Read More" find out how you can help with this critical issue!!!

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Spokane Permaculture Seed Swap / Sale

Let's get those gardens going!

Author: Cara

Attention all seed savers and garden growers!  Bring your extra seeds for selling or swapping and join the Spokane Permaculture community at our seed swap/sale on the last Saturday in February, 2/23 from 11:00am - 2:00pm.

Package your seeds ahead of time (creativity encouraged!) for...

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Free Online Permaculture Course!

Crowd-funding to make it happen for all of us.

Author: Cara
Check out this video.  To help spread the principles of permaculture, The Regenerative Leadership Institute, self described as "The Nation's Sustainable Living, Leadership and Permaculture School" in Beaverton, Ore is attempting to produce a full Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and make it available free online.   Click on "Read More" below to check it out!
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