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June Meeting

Practice Design Principles - Systems & Elements Connections...Brainstorming Session?

We get to host our next group meeting at Siemen Family Farms (aka Mont Lamm Events/Belgians) off 395 just North of Deer Park. We'll be taking a look at practicing design by working with systems and elements.  What does that mean? I have a lot of elements, a few systems, and A LOT of yields to be achieved and I need help thinking about them.  I figure my brain is one element among all of ours and I could really use the fresh eyes on the ground to help me think about the space use and yields for NOW and the FUTURE.
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Wind 2...

a second look at my wind issues.

I decided I needed to add to my original "wind" article now that I have some personal observations about how it actually moves here.
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The first in a small series of articles dealing with specific challenges or benefits that we are addressing on our larger farm. I will eventually cover Wind, Sun, Water, Traffic, and Rolling Out from Zone 1 when everything is already put down for you (Retrofit).

This first article is about Wind - both a challenge and an asset. Wind is also an issue that we have not really had to deal with on the Urban lot but will be unavoidable on the bigger plot.
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KREM2 aired our Event Center/Farm!

If you follow the link there's a brief article and they actually used the word "permaculture". ;-)

KREM2 came out and did an interview on what we were doing with moving our farm and opening Mont Lamm Events - 1.5 hours of interview crammed into 1.5 minutes. It's as good as it gets. ;-)
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The Farm is moving to...a farm?!

Expanding our offerings and increasing our focus.

I thought I should post some of my thoughts on what we're going to do when we move from our Urban lot to our Farm up North. 

Here it is!


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